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Land schematic plan

Here is the schematic plan for the Lakewood Urban farm. It will be modified and possibly even changed as we get down to the details. For instance, the small tree orchards “4” will have to be closer to “3” than indicated here.

Land plan schematic fixed

This property is about a three quarters of an acre. As you can see, the land slopes almost due north. That is generally a bad orientation, but it will delay the flowering of our fruit trees, thus avoiding late frosts. To the south are two large crab apple trees; perhaps because of the above mentioned effect, they bore well this year when many other trees failed. On all other sides of the property there are lines of large trees, mostly cotton wood/ poplar, willow, and Siberian elm. Some of these may be removed, and all will be pruned back heavily. The land it self is mostly a blank slate; there is a small run in horse shed in the area marked 2, and a small apple tree in the center of the south side. All the rest is full of weeds, bindweed and thistles and some remnant alfalfa among them. The land was used previously for farming. The two ditches are operational, but we are not allowed to take water from them. However, our fruit trees will have no problem helping themselves.

The garden area will be laid out in contour line paths with keyhole beds along them. In the lower orchard, trees will be planted on mounds. There may be a Mary shrine in the center of the land. Within the solar area, only dwarf trees or bushes may be planted, so that the greenhouse will get six hours of sun on December 21st.

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