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The fourth week of March/ the first week of April

Due to bad weather, we did not get as much done these weeks as usual.
In Littleton, we got the vegetable garden tilled, to create a better seed bed than was left by the tractor, and we got the fencing around the vegetable garden mostly set up. We planted rhubarb, lemon balm, and peppermint in our herb garden

We planted several hundred beet mix seedlings started in Littleton in the tilled beds in Lakewood. We also mulched some paths and cleared vines, weeds, and sticks from some of the fence lines in Lakewood.

In Littleton, we planted our fruit trees ( 1 meteor cherry, 1 montmorency cherry, 1 honeycrisp apple, 1 Red McIntosh apple, 1 golden delicious apple, 1 sweet 16 apple, 1 summercrisp pear, 1 Lucious pear, 1 Reliance peach, and 2 Italian plums, mostly on semi-dwarf root stocks.) We also spread lots of leaves and pine needles in the vegetable garden as mulch, and planted sugar snap peas, both from seed and as transplants, and Sugar pod 2 snow peas from seed.

One thought on “The fourth week of March/ the first week of April

  1. It’s really awesome to hear about what you guys are doing down there in CO! It’s been hard to find Catholic groups doing permaculture… I applaud you for your forward thinking and good works that you do. Hopefully through your work more folks will learn about permaculture and realize it’s not all about Earth worship and mud fairies! I posted a article explaining how I was able to make the permaculture ethics agree with our Catholic beliefs and the teaching of the Church here: http://traditionalcatholichomestead.com/2015/04/23/traditional-catholic-permaculture-really/
    Hopefully it will help move your project forward, anyway keep up the good work!!!

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