Notes from the First Meeting

Our first meeting was held today, and it went well. We decided that the group would remain relatively informal, without elected officials. Among the projects proposed by members were the following:

Short term:

  •  Work days in members gardens (these would replace ordinary meetings in any month in which they occur.)
  •  Setting up an aquaponics system for a member.
  •  Buying subscriptions to magazines and a Seed Savers Exchange Membership.

 Long term:

  • Building and using Top Bar Beehives.
  •  Setting up Public Orchards in open spaces, parks, etc.
  •  Creating a library of agricultural books.
  •  Starting a seed library. We need a refrigerator to do this. They can sometimes be found used, cheap or for free.
  • Starting Community Gardens, which would be open to the public.
  •  Setting up a Community Farm. Unlike the orchard or garden, this would not be open to the general public.  We need land for this, which could possibly be got from Catholic Nursing Homes, parishes, or Schools, in which case it would also be educational. We also will see if the Carmelite Nuns in Littleton are interested, or the Seminary. If these ideas don’t work, we could approach the local governments.
  •  Some members also expressed an interest in raising grass fed beef and raw milk, but that would be very long term.